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El barrio de Hove have already embraced argentine food and wines through LatinoAmérica restaurant.
After the successful landing, the owner and his team noticed the demand from customers for a wine & casual dining bar where they could enjoy a glass of the exclusive South American wines or take them home, as well as the opportunity to keep showing part of the traditional cuisine.
Here at Café Malbec we have a fantastic selection of fine wines – a part of Argentina as a wine producer, alongside the other big producer in the region: Chile; and the new industries of Uruguay and Brasil.

We offer a variety of traditional tapas dishes, as well as brunch, lunch & specials. We are also the first Empanadas house in the city, offering a wide selection of delicious fillings – a great delicacy to enjoy with a good glass of wine.

We look forward to welcoming you in our relaxed Wine & Tapas Bar.


Our Wine

Argentina is currently the fifth largest wine producer in the world – The high altitude and low humidity vineyards of regions like North (Salta), Cuyo (Mendoza; San Juan) and Patagonia (Rio Negro; Neuquen) make it the ideal environment to grow perfect grape.

At Café Malbec we offer a wide selection of the finest wines from not only Argentina, but also from Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. Here you can come and enjoy a glass or just purchase a bottle to take home. You can even order our wines on Deliveroo! CLICK HERE to find out more.

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The Argentinian cuisine has a cultural blend of Mediterranean influences (Italian and Spanish mainly) and here at Café Malbec our new brunch & tapas dishes are not to be missed, especially the traditional oven baked empanadas which come in a variety of delicious flavours – they are a real treat and hard to find in Sussex.

We also offer a variety of traditional Tapas dishes, the perfect accompaniment with a good glass of wine), Alongside this we have our brunch, lunch & specials dishes which can be enjoyed throughout the day.

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Our Brunch

Love to brunch? then here at Café Malbec you will not be disapointed.

You can enjoy a delicious brunch menu ( with an argentine twist) we also have bottomless brunch available. Or relax with the finest & local Trading Post Coffee and watch the world go by.

We also offer a wide range of Argentine snacks & South American delicacies from Coquito’s, Alfajores, Empanadas, Matés, Beers & Chocolate.

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